MOT testing and servicing

Vehicle repairs, servicing, MOT testing, Repairs and Diagnostics on all makes of cars and light commercials. We carry out all types of vehicle repairs including but not limited to: Tyres, Exhausts, Batteries, Steering, Suspension, Brakes, Air Conditioning re gas and repairs. Computerised 4 wheel alignment with the most recent software edition and all makes/models in our database. We also work on both Hybrid and EV (Electric Vehicles). 

Hybrid/Electric vehicle service & repairs

Ace Tuning are proud members of HEVRA the “Hybrid and Electrical Vehicle Repair Alliance. Fully electric cars have fewer moving parts than conventional engined vehicles meaning there are less components that require servicing. However with significantly higher voltages present in E&HVs  (currently up to 800 Volts compared to 12 Volts in engine powered vehicles) ensuring the correct procedures and repairs are carried out is paramount. Ace Tuning are qualified and certified by the IMI (Institute of the Motor Industry) to safely work on these vehicles. As well as working on Electric and hybrid vehicles we also sell them. Check out our car sales page to see our latest stock.

DPF Diagnostics Repairs and Cleaning

Here at Ace Tuning we specialise in DPF diagnosis, repairs and cleaning. We are a team of experts that can accurately diagnose your DPF issues and any underlying faults that have caused your DPF problem.

Common symptoms of this can be the engine management light, glow plug warning light or DPF warning light. Codes describing these faults will be stored in the engine management ECU such as: P242F – Diesel Particulate Filter restriction; ash accumulation. P2002 DPF efficiency below threshold bank 1. P224B – Diesel Particulate Filter; Differential pressure too high. Including various other fault codes.

It is very common for your DPF problem to be a symptom of other problem(s) with your vehicle rather than the cause. This is why it is very important to correctly diagnose the problem first, rather than just do a DPF clean in the hope that it fixes the DPF problem.

There are many misconceptions surrounding DPF issue’s and unfortunately many people receive the wrong advice when they encounter a problem. To accurately diagnose a DPF problem, you must first fully understand the DPF system, associated components and ECU strategies on that particular vehicle. It is very much a case of ‘test not guess’.

Engine tuning

Performance & economy tuning for petrol, diesel and electric vehicles. We have been tuning engines for over 40 years.

Alien Tech

Tuning gives increased performance and can improve the fuel economy. We offer different remaps from economy to performance and a combination of both.

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning doesn’t just provide you in-car comfort during the hot summer months but it can also be used in the winter months to defog your windscreen. The air conditioning systems dries the air which clears your windscreen much more effectively than the regular blowers.

Air conditioning re charge with R134A gas. We offer A/C fault diagnosis and repair on all mechanical, electronic and gas A/C related components. We also work with the newer R1234YF gas. Call us for a quote on your vehicle.

Car sales

To see our stock of sales cars please visit our car showroom

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